Teen lifesavers save two lives.

Lifesavers Bernard Cahill and Donough Cronin plucked father and son from a tidal rip at Spanish Point beach on 18th July 2011

The afternoon of the 18th July last will be a day to remember forever for the East Clare family who visited the beach at Spanish Point. Having parked across the road from the beach, the eight year old quickly went into the water at the south end of the beach with his Dad who is an experienced swimmer and diver. They failed to realise that they had entered the water at a part of the beach which always has a tidal rip (very strong channel of water flowing seaward from near the shore.)
While the water seemed shallow, very soon the young boy was sucked from the shore out of his depth and in difficulty. His Dad went to his rescue. While the mother watched and tried to raise the alarm, two young surfers who were just coming out of the water, Bernard Cahill (17) and Donough Cronin (17) spotted the situation and immediately went to the rescue. They quickly powered through the water and very soon Bernard had the young boy plucked from the water and safely on his board. Having returned to the shore with the young boy, Bernard reassured him and re-entered the water to help Donough rescue the Dad. Lifeguards, Niall O’Farrell and Wayne Timmons had rushed from the Lifeguard Station and were now part of the rescue. Without any fuss and with complete confidence, they formed and reformed a triangle with their surf boards and eventually they succeeded under difficult conditions to rescue the father and safely brought him to shore.
In a recent letter to Clare Water Safety, the family wrote: All the people involved with the rescue showed exemplary water skills and ability, both individual skills and team skills. Each of them showed huge personal skills and character. If there are rewards for bravery, water skills, team work and fantastic character, these brave men deserve them”



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