Celtic Cup Challenge

Celtic Cup Challenge 09

In Aberavon, Wales, on the weekend of 29-30th August 2009, the prestigious and challenging Celtic Cup Challenge event brought together the best teams from Ireland Wales, Scotland, Cornwall and Devon for the annual event.

Teams battled it out in the surf and on the sand, pitting their surf life saving, team and physical skills to the test. A Clare team of 20 entrants competed in very difficult conditions:

1st place: Board Rescue - Bernard Cahill & Rory Sexton and Bernard Cahill took Gold in the swim. Adam McEvoy brought home silver for the 90metre beach sprint and Flags and bronze for the swim. Silver went to Donough Cronin and Adam McEvoy in Board Rescue and bronze to Donough Cronin for Boards. Mark Rogers earned bronze for the 1km run. Other Clare competitors: Caoimhe Gowran, Sarah Broderick, Dylan Barrett, Laoise O’Donovan brought home gold, silver medals and also and placings for the competitors



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